Queenstown, NZ.

Cut the bullshit; let’s have some real talk about Wedding Photography . Discover the hustle in business and focus on inspiring your art.

Down to Photo is a dynamic retreat for Wedding Photographers set in the picturesque Queenstown, NZ. Great people, good food​ a​nd one hell of a party. Come along and set yourself up for the most epic season ever.

Sep 25th-28th 2020

Where Wedding Photographers go to level up.

Business, Hustle,  Storytelling,  Staying Creative,  Writing alongside your images,  Technical Editing, Astrophotography.  Video for Wedding Photographers. Film. Enlightening talks.  Amazing sunset live shoots & more!


Jonas Peterson

For the last decade Jonas has been on the forefront of what wedding photography is today. He has been named one of the top photographers in the world many times over and spends his time shooting weddings worldwide and teaching other photographers his style of storytelling. He’s based in Austin, TX, but shoots all around the world.

James Day
James Day Work Shop New Zealand 2019

He’s BACK!!!! Round two with our fave James Day. He’ll bring us more amazing insights to his business plus we know we all missed those dance moves from last year. He is not only a marketing genius, he uses his authentic, inbuilt humanity and kindness to inspire change ​and makes money doing it. James loves NZ and is so stoked to be doing a large teaching session and a shoot with everybody. Yasssss!


554 Frankton Road, Queenstown
New Zealand



Expect amazing speakers, fabulous food, heaps of inspiration, goodies & time to enjoy the moment- plus a party to celebrate the season ahead!

Friday 03:00PM - 25th Sep

Check In at Accommodation & Welcome

6pm Speaker 7pm Dinner

Saturday 06:30AM - 26th Sep

Sunrise Shoots 9am First Speaker

12.30pm Lunch 3pm Speaker 6.40pm Sunset Live Shoot 7.30pm Styled Dinner 11.30pm Astro Pics

Sunday 06:30AM - 27th Sep

Sunrise Shoots 9am First Speaker

12.30pm Lunch 3pm Speaker 6.40pm Sunset Live SHoot 7.30pm PARTY!!

Monday 9:00AM - 28th Sep

Debrief & breakfast

More info coming soon....

The Final Countdown
If you'd like to get in touch please contact us here: hello@downtophoto.co.nz